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What to Wear

So, there are a few simple tips that will help keep the “look” of your family photos not only uniquely you, but also pretty. And here they are…..first, keep it simple. I LOVE patterns and layers, but when you have an entire family in loud patterns it takes the focus off you and puts it on to your clothes (not good.) So, by all means use subtle patterns but compliment it with solids elsewhere. My strategy when styling family photos is to start with the most difficult one to dress (usually mom or opinionated little girls LOL) I lay out the first outfit on the ground, then move on to the next one. I try to keep a common theme of a color, color family, or tone. Then I just build on it, with the boys and men usually coming last for the simple reason that they are easier. They basically will wear khaki or denim with a solid, striped or checked shirt that ties the colors of everyone else’s outfits together. And don’t forget to use accessories. Scarves, hats, hair accessories and shoes can tie in the colors that may be a little ‘off’ on first glance. And they also make you look ‘oh so put together.’ So, I hope this helps! Don’t ever hesitate to contact me or even send me a pic of your ‘options’ and we can go over them.

For more ideas check out my Pinterest board called "Family Photo Wardrobe Ideas" found HERE